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Dinghy Insurance Policy

This policy is a contract between Amlin Underwriting Ltd Lloyd’s Syndicate 2001, FSA#204918 and the named owner (all owners must be named) based on submitted proposal form & details which are warranted full, complete & true, and which must be kept up-to-date over entire insured periods.

Claim instruction sheet tells you what to do if accident or theft so important to read now, both sides as important instructions on Maintenance, Marking, Storage & special Warranties are also detailed there for clarity.

Please read complete policy, exclusions, warranties & attachments carefully- revert to Newton Crum if you have any questions.

Section I Loss of or damage to the craft gear & equipment

Underwriters will at their option pay to replace or repair loss of or physical damage to the craft & equipment up to the maximum scheduled sums arising from ALL RISKS of external accidental causes including fire,collision,transit,racing,vandalism,storm,flood,grounding,falling trees/branches/tiles, theft of craft & following forcible entry or removal by force theft of gear and equipment, for craft stored in & used on UK/CI/NI coastal & inland waters+ after transport there to coastal & inland waters of IoM/Ireland & continental European countries up to 90 days a year. Total loss is limited to new cost up to maximum sum insured for craft up to 12 months old or current market value if lower thereafter. Underwriters have the right to decide what repairer/supplier is used and must be allowed to agree estimates first,to then pay the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing like for like less applicable excess but spars, sails, rigging, foils & covers may be subject to 1/3rdnew for old deductions unless Assured has purchased extension C "Extra cover” extending policy to provide New for Old replacement cost value cover for these items stolen or damaged beyond repair. Outboards valued per Threestrokes Guide. Reinstatement as nearly as reasonably practicable to be deemed sufficient even though the former appearance and condition of the property may not be precisely restored.

Emergency Fees up to £5,000 of doctors, surgeons and ambulance for first 24 hours after an accident for emergency attendance to named Assured for personal injury directly caused by violent external visible accident aboard the insured craft is also provided.

Exclusions applicable to all sections + see over for specific classes & locationsUnderwriters will not pay for or in the respect of:

__theft or vandalism loss or damage unless reported to police within 24 hours of discovery & police reference obtained.

__ownership or use of craft for which a charge or payment made to owner or others; craft owned or used by companies, schools,authorities, clubs, groups,

associations or who earn from involvement in any aspect of boating; trade, teaching or sponsorship unless first agreed in writing.Unpaid or uncharged for instruction or sponsorship is however allowed.

__any claim whilst craft is used as a tender to or for another craft or yacht (unless specially agreed in writing).

__any claim whilst craft is participating in a race or event extending beyond daylight hours (unless specially agreed in writing).

__loss or damage caused by or resulting from: wear and tear, deterioration, weathering, chafe, vermin, insects, fungus, rust, rot,corrosion, fatigue, delamination, glue or resin bond failure or wearing through of mast tube at deck or base.

__loss of use or personal expenses unless agreed first by Underwriters, or loss of value to craft due to it being repaired.

__scratching or bruising in transit or trailer damage from road shock or tyre puncture or weld or suspension failure or any damage from lack of maintenance.

__sails or covers split by the wind or blown away unless damaged by a solid object or broken spar to which they are set.

__cost of making good or remedying any fault in design, construction, material or inefficacy of previous repair; cost or expense incurred due to betterment or alteration in design/model/construction or material of craft or any component or cessation of production of any component.

__loss, damage, expense or liability directly or indirectly arising from: capture, seizure, arrest, restraint or detainment, war, civil war, terrorism, revolution,rebellion, insurrection, civil conflict or commotion, or, from ionising radiations from or contamination by radioactivity or nuclear activity from anysource or cause or weapon or device or properties.Loss or damage is also excluded if caused by trick, deception, fraud or insolvency.

__willful misconduct or recklessness of assured or users including but not limited to conduct when under the influence of alcohol or drugs;or lack of duediligence of the Assured or un-seaworthiness; confiscation by Government Agencies; or any incident that occurs outside the period of insurance.

__coverage to any person not permanently residentinthe UK/C.I. or craft not permanently based in the UK or C.I.

Important Warranties that must be complied with


Hull/foils/spars/sails must be permanently marked with class number or owner’s postcode.

Sails & unsecured gear & fittings left overnight must be stored in home, inside locked vehicle or locked building – never left on boat

Daggerboards also Laser/Topper/Optimist rudder assemblies must further be stored inside locked vehicle or locked building – never left on or under boat.

Inflatables, Kayaks/Canoes/Rowboats must when unattended overnight be stored only inside locked building, locked caravan or vehicle (or during day locked to roof rack which itself is locked to vehicle ) & permanently marked with owner’s post code, but kayaks/canoes & rowboats in secure fenced premises are OK if locked to permanent structure/tree/caravan with a "Kaya-Lok", "Abus Blaster/Millennio or Phantom" make locking devices.

Sailboards must be permanently marked with owner's post code;board/sails/spars never lefton roof rack that isn't itself locked to vehicle itself during day and overnight all items must be locked inside a vehicle, caravan or secure building.

Other Craft left unattended overnight must be stored at home or inside locked building or in a designated club or allocated compound that is known to have been safe over past 5 years from flood or tidal surge and your craft is stored at least 3m aboveanyprevious flood or surge/storm high tide mark.

Trailer must be itself wheel-clamp locked or stored in locked building in addition to being marked with class and number or owners postcode.

Outboard must be locked to transom of craft if left unattended at all, but overnight must be stored inside locked vehicle or locked building and not left on transom of dinghy. Serial number must be provided in event of theft or claim not accepted.

Trolley must be marked with class and number of boat or owner's postcode.

EXCLUDED LOCATIONS: No insurance is provided to craft stored overnight (other than at private homes) at:*ABERSOCH, Bexhill, Blackpool, Brighton, Broadstairs, Christchurch (except Christchurch Sailing Club compound), Fairlop Water, Herne Bay, Highcliff, Mudeford,Pevensey Bay, Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, Seaford Coast, Whitstable &/or Tankerton Bay or at Sailing Clubs:Broadstairs,Fairfield G&SC, North Herts East Beds SC, Tewkesbury SC EXCEPTas participant for the duration of their events where visiting craft are allocated safe secure monitored storage by host club.

*ABERSOCH participation in organized events allowed where storage monitored 24/7 & arrangements made to move craft to safety during predicted high tides/gales but overnight never stored less than 15’ above highest flood or maximum high tide line experienced past 6 years.

Scottish Islands storage of craft unless such have ferry or bridge connection to mainland or local repairer facility available.

MOORING:NO insurance is provided for craft left unattended afloat(unattended meaning assured not close enough to keep it under constant visual observation so as to prevent unauthorised interference with it or theft or damage from weather or sea conditions).

FLOODTIDAL SURGE –NO INSURANCE is provided for loss or damage due to flood or washing away where craft left in area known to have flooded or tidal surged over past 5 years, enquiry must be made as ignorance is no excuse.

TIE DOWNLOCK DOWN. Warranted craft left unattended overnight are securely tied down to ground stakes/bolts/etc in addition to chocks, trolley or trailer itself – this security must be checked not less than once a month throughout the year.

Craft kept in approved areas but on racks, piers or jettys which public can access must be locked down thereto.

BUOYANCYWarranted one aid per crew member must be made available and crew requested to wear such.

MAINTENANCEAssured must inspect craft not less than once a month throughout the year to check all including that cover in place, hull bailed out, tying down secure.Maintenance & renewal must be continuous including rigging, shackles, chain plates checked before each sail, spars checked for signs of stress cracking or corrosion especially where rivets attach dissimilar metals and if such found or rivets loose or wood rot or softness or glue line separation found, such items must be renewed.Sail batten pockets repaired where starting to fray or wear through.Chain plates & rigging attachment blocks and attachment points to hull/deck must be frequently checked to determine sound and well fixed and attached with no hull stress cracking.

Craft, Spars, Rigging, Foils, Sails & Equipment must always be maintained, managed and operated to a sound, safe, seaworthy state and condition.

LOANING.The policy extends unless exclusions prohibit, loan of craft to family & friends where enquiry has FIRST determined they do not have record of boating losses or claims as if they do details of such must be provided to Underwriters first to obtain terms.While the craft is on loan all users become additional named Assureds & except for Assured’s immediate family the policy excess is doubled during all such periods.

Additional Exclusions applicable to specific CLASSES,MAKES& TYPES OF CRAFT & SPARS

__GP14, 505, ENTERPRISE and similar shroud supported masted craft built pre-1982 are not covered for loss or damage IF caused by pulling out of shroud anchorage or block especially due to failure of screws or fixings or of the wood backing itself; nor from grp hull and deck bonding failure.

__420 breakage of KAPPA section masts, or chain plate/hull moulding or bonding failure in craft outside makers guarantee period.

__SOLO, Proctor C section masts unless collar and chocks fitted to prevent failure.

__LASER, failure of bonding between hull and deck or mast socket base or top outside guarantee period, rudder loss unless safety line attaches rudder unit to hold to craft when rudder clip fails or alternatively that the clevis pin is inserted in hole in pintle after attaching rudder to that way prevent loss.

__TOPPER mast socket damage or failure unless protection cup has been replaced when found wearing.Rudder loss unless safety recovery line fitted.

__RS400 class unless compliance with product safety notice attached.

__OUTBOARD – excluding cover to or use of outboards in excess of 6 horsepower (unless specially agreed) or claims where serial number isn’t provided.

__CANOES, ROW BOATS/KAYAKS excluding craftover 19’,rowing skiffs/ sculls, coxed craft or white water or sea surfing use

__SAILBOARDS – excluding: wave/kite/skate boards or more than one insured board same policy afloat at same time, breakage of board from contact with water alone or scratching, wear, defacing of graphics or decals.

__Excluding all craft using or fitted with hydrofoils or kites or skates/wheels.

SECTION II Liability to others

Underwriters will indemnify the Assured in respect of claims which the Assured shall by reason of interest in the insured craft not otherwise excluded become legally liable to pay and shall pay including law costs for defence and marine salvage agreed in advance. The indemnity payable in respect of any one accident or series of accidents arising out of the same event shall be limited to the sum stated in the schedule.All borrowers of craft &/or crew automatically become additional named assureds whilst on or about the insured craft.This policy does not confer any enforceable rights to any third party notwithstanding the provision of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.Exclusions applicable to SECTION II:Excluding liability from transit of the craft in/on any mechanically propelled vehicle, watercraft or conveyance or arising under circumstances where any road traffic legislation would apply.(Note - when on or towed behind a vehicle liability to others must be insured by the vehicle’s insurers).Excluding liability to assured or any other owner of the insured property or Assured's property or property in the care custody or control of the Assured. Excluding also any claim arising directly or indirectly from any accident to or illness of workmen or any other person employed in any capacity whatsoever by the Assured (or any other person to whom the protection of this insurance is afforded) in, on, about, or in connection with the craft. Excluding punitive or exemplary damages.Excluding claims arising out of unseaworthiness of craft, gear or equipment. Excluding Kiteboarding or Skateboarding.

CANCELLATION.Should the premium payment fail to clear the policy/renewal is automatically void retrospectively.If cancelled by the assured & no claim made in current period, a refund of the premium & tax portion only will be allowed calculated at 50% where policy has run for less than 30 days, 25% up to 60 days, nil thereafter but for transfer credit to new owner or another policy with NCI a special credit will be allowed.Cancellation byUnderwriters refund is pro-rata.The policy automatically terminates on sale of the insured matter. Cancellation to be made by the Assured giving 10 days written notice to Newton Crum, Underwriters by 10 days notice recorded delivery.

DISCLOSURE & MIS-STATEMENT. If this policy or any renewal has been obtained through omission to state any material fact, claims or through mis-statement by Assured or if any claim shall contain any untruth/suppression of fact or exaggeration, this policy and any renewal thereof is null and void and all benefits and rights forfeited.

CLAIM CO-OPERATION. The Assured shall render to the Underwriters all possible aid in obtaining information and evidence should they take proceedings in the name of the Assured at their own expense to recover compensation or secure indemnity from third party. Also please remember to:

__NEVER admit or accept liability, it could void your policy. Instead use tear-off section of yellow Claim Advice Form.

__ RETAIN all damage, however small, as inspection may be required and without it the claim could be void.

__ OBTAIN witness details and where possible a statement if third party at fault.

EXCESS is the first portion of every claim, other than total loss of entire outfit, the Assured must pay. The excess is shown on the schedule and for sailboards over 5 years old and dinghies over 8 it may be doubled for age &/or further doubled for claims arising outside the UK .

PERSONAL EFFECTS. Where premium paid for this extension it covers the Assured's own clothing, waterproofs, buoyancy, camera, watch, spectacles, kitbag, tools & toolbox etc. EXCLUDING, however consumable items, cash, credit cards, cycles, fishing gear or any electrical telephonic or computing devices. Excluding loss arising out of; damp or theft unless items within locked vehicle, caravan, building or within secure boat clubhouse.

REPAIRS & REPLACEMENTS -obtain advice from us first, quotations may be obtained without delay but do not proceed until insurers have confirmed acceptance of the quotation(s) or alternatives. Failure to adhere to this may void your claim. All damage must be retained for inspection

OTHER INSURANCE.This insurance shall in all cases act as excess cover, not co-insurance or primary cover to any other insurance.

Data Protection, Complaints & Renewal details are set out on ‘About Us + Keyfacts’ form which form part of this contract. Law, this contract shall be subject to English Law.

Definitions: Proposal, the basis on which the insurance is granted. Assured = Owner,all must be named.Policy, endorsements, attachments & enclosures,

‘About Us’ all form part of contract. Schedule details the items covered but where blank are not insured. Sums insured=maximum sums that will be paid.

Exclusions =items, persons & situations the insurance does not cover.Warranties & Conditions =those items the Assured must comply with first for the insurance to be valid.

THE DUE OBSERVANCE AND FULFILMENT of the terms, conditions, warranties contained herein or endorse to this policy and schedule by the Assured shall be a condition precedent to any liability to provide indemnity under this policy.

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