01424 718800 - Narrowboat/Yacht/Motorboat

01702 710041 - Dinghy/Sailboard/Small Powercraft

Small Motorboat and Inflatable Insurance

Including rowboats

Choice of 2 Different Schemes

A)3rd party only: £20.00 B) Fully comprehensive.

xx£5,000,000 Third Party Indemnity
xxLegal Costs
xxUK + European holidays/events
xxSalvage removal wreck costs
xxAll 12 months use
xxCash Claim Payment Fund
xxGold Star Claims Service
xxUnderwritten by certain Underwriters at LLoyds
xxCollision Liability
-xTheft, Burglary
-xFire, Lightning
-x£5,000 Emergency Doctors/Surgeons Fees
-xCollision Damage own craft
-xStorm Damage, Floods
-xTrailing/Ferry/Rail own damage
-xLaunching, Grounding, Sinking
-xAll Risks Fully Comprehensive


Up to 18' length maximum 11hp Outboard. Please go to
www.newtoncrum.com/Insurance/Yacht if over this
OR if craft ever kept on a mooring, mud berth or similar.

PREMIUMS FOR CRAFT based on TOTAL SUM INSURED including Insurance Premium Tax at current rate

Max ValueUp to 12'13' - 14'15' - 18'

Above this phone for quotation

Excess £30.00 doubled for craft over 10 years old or abroad at time of any claim.

Main Exclusions -

this low cost scheme is limited in cover so owners must make certain none of the following exclusions or restrictions apply to them or their craft.

The policy does not cover:

  • canoes, kayaks, boards or sailing craft
  • craft used as tenders
  • craft left on mooring, swing/trot/pile/pontoon/beach or half-tide where craft could float.
  • craft not privately owned & used
  • inflatables, ribs or outboards left unattended unless inside locked building, vehicle or caravan; & other craft left unattended unless in locked vehicle/caravan or building or inside secure locked compound not open to the public.
  • craft based outside UK or Channel Islands or stored at excluded clubs or locations (see policy wording + IPID)

Read specimen policy carefully to make certain it meets all your needs and requirements before you take out this insurance.

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