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Sailboard & Windsurf Insurance

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Excluding wave & kite boards & hydrofoils

Fully comprehensive insurance.

Cover includes: 

  • £5,000,000 Third Party Indemnity  
  • New craft replacement with new where full value insured for craft up to 12 months old
  • Racing risks & Collision
  • Theft, burglary & vandalism
  • Fire, lightning, storm damage 
  • Transit by road/rail/ferry
  • Launching
  • Grounding/sinking & salvage costs 
  • All UK waters & Europe for holidays/races
  • Board use for all 12 months of the year

Third Party only cover is also available at £22.00 for one board and £30.00 for two boards. 

Sections of policy wording headered “Loss of or damage to Insured Property” and “Transit Cover” do not apply for Third Party only cover.

Premiums for craft based on maximum sum insured including insurance premium tax. 

Max Value: Premium:

Above this sum, please call 01702 710041.

Policy excess applicable to all cover £45.00 each claim to be borne by the insured, this may be doubled where board over five years old.  

All policies contain exclusions, limitations and warranties that must be complied with as per the policy wording & IPID. The main ones are shown below, please read through to make certain that your situation is not excluded and that you can comply with all warranties and conditions.

Download Policy Documents

View and download the Policy Wording PDF and IPID documents from here.

Main exclusions:

  • Boards or owners based outside UK/NI/CI
  • Boards using or fitted with hydrofoils
  • Kitesurfing and/or kite skating gear & equipment
  • Theft of board from roof rack unless locked with anti-theft device & proof of that provided but excluding being left overnight on top of vehicle. Theft of spars/foils/sails unless when unattended from inside locked car/house/garage or other secure building – not outside. Board should be locked inside where possible, otherwise only inside locked sailing club compound & further then locked to permanent fixture with sails/foils/spars removed.
  • Use for financial gain, reward, professionally or used under any sponsorship arrangement, hire, charter, club or group use or ownership
  • Boards not permanently numbered with makers number or rig/sails not so marked or marked with owners postcode
  • Persons professionally engaged in any aspect of boating such as boatbuilder/spar/foil/sail maker, chandlers, paid instructions etc

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