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Road Trailer/ Combi

£2 per each £100 value. Warranted trailer itself wheel clamp locked unless stored in locked building, and ID marked.

Current Market Value

Launching Trolley
£2 per each £100 value. Warranted trolley ID marked
Current Market Value

Outboard Motor
£2.00 per each £100 value (up to maximum £1400). Theft not covered overnight unless locked inside locked building, vehicle or caravan, see policy for additional security warranties that also apply at all times. Serial number must be retained.
Current Market Value

Personal Effects
£4 up to £150 maximum sum. Clothing, waterproofs, wetsuits & buoyancy aids etc. Excluding cash, mobiles or other electrical items or fishing gear. *for higher sums contact your household insurer.

Legal Protection

£1.00. Provides Legal & Associated fees up to £25,000 to enable assured to pursue uninsured & injury claims against others following boat accidents as per IPID.


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“I was impressed by the professional way Linda Ransom dealt with my case. She was very patient and provided good advice that helped my claim and would be good advice for future accidents/claims. Please pass on my thanks.”